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Carrie (Cantazaro) Rocha '97

Carrie (Cantazaro) Rocha '97

Carrie is a 1997 graduate from the College of Saint Benedict.  Using a self-coined motto, "The last thing I quit was quitting", Carrie Rocha and her husband, Marco, made a decision to get out of debt and to stay out of debt forever in June of 2006. In 2 ½ years they completed the first step toward that goal by paying off more than $50,000 in debt, with their mortgage the only outstanding debt. Since that time they have paid cash for Marco's graduate school, a new-to-them mini-van, and plenty of life's emergencies. This was all made possible as they revamped their attitude and relationship to money, organized their finances and reduced expenses in a million creative ways.

Carrie launched a free-to-use website,, in March 2009 to teach others the money-saving tips she learned while eliminating debt. Within ten months the website became her full-time vocation, supporting her family of 4. Now her site reaches over a million people per year.

Carrie is a sought-after public speaker and media personality, that inspires and equips others get out and stay out of debt while learning to live within their means. Corporations like General Mills, Target and Cargill invite Carrie to provide financial wellness education that helps employees feel like they have more, even during this tough economy. Civic groups, mom's groups and churches also enjoy Carrie's down-to-earth, right-sized approach to personal finance. Likewise, local and national media invite Carrie to educate their audience with relevant consumer advice.

Carrie helps families. She hears stories of some that have thrived during extended unemployment, others have succeeded in homeownership and others have gained peace in their marriage as a direct result of Carrie's influence in their finances.