CEO Generations

All CEO generations at The T-Spot share a passion for developing leadership excellence and company progress. Each CEO has developed visions and strategies for the future of the business and for the leaders within. Each generation brings about innovations and creations to drive the success of The T-Spot and build a unique experience for a campus environment. Meet each generation and learn more about what they accomplished during their time.  



Cole Tetrault (15th Generation | 2021-2022)   Cole CEO                                                                                                          

Major: Global Business

Graduation Year: 2023

Years with The T-Spot: 2



Aaron Doyle (4th Generation | 2010-2011)

Aaron 4th Gen CEO

 Major: Management

 Graduation Year: 2011

 Years with The T-Spot: 2.5





Abbey Brau (3rd Generation | 2009-2010)  

Abbey 3rd Gen CEO

 Major: Management

 Graduation Year: 2010

 Years with The T-Spot: 1.5 






Larissa Reid (2nd Generation | 2008-2009)

Larissa 2nd Gen CEO

Major: Management

Graduation Year: 2009

Years with The T-Spot: 1.5






Colin Dart (Founder | 2007-2008)    

Nikki Nelson ( Founder | 2007-2008 )Colin and Nikki Founders