Our Mission


Square One is a student run organization seeking to empower leaders and children in selected communities in underdeveloped countries by implementing sustainable businesses ventures that benefit the communities with new employment and new products or resources to enhance the lives of those community members.


Our organization intends to expand projects to new areas of the world each year. We aim to tailor each new project to its location, and with each established project we plan on keeping contact with the communities we aid to ensure lasting impacts. Our club intends to sustain projects long term by revisiting the location for a minimum of three years and by maintaining year-round communication with community leaders.

Square One provides students the opportunity to study a specific developing nation and gain hands-on experience in designing and delivering a small-scale economic development venture. Students involved will gain global awareness through experience in project design and leadership. We recognize the importance of connecting our campus to our projects, and will old events throughout the academic year raising awareness, educating our campus community about the communities we serve, and building support for our cause.