What We Do

ETL Logo

Extending the LINK is a student-founded and run, non-profit structured, documentary film company. Each year, ETL identifies an under-reported, global social justice concerns to highlight through film. A small group of students travel to the international location, spend their January break filming in country, and return to CSB/SJU to share their documentary during the spring semester.

ETL's Goals and Mission. 

  • In order to produce documentary films as a non-profit organization on campus, we generate funds through grants and fundraisers.
  • We thoroughly research current topics that we feel demand attention and need to be told.
  • To tell stories appropriately and truthfully, we collaborate with organizations around the world.
  • Because we want to have an impact on our community, we intentionally identify a link from the chosen topic to our community and extend it. We strive to think globally and act locally.
  • We remain open to introducing opportunities for students to get involved when possible. Some things we have done include encouraging the brewing of fair trade coffee in CSB/SJU coffee shops, partnering with the Uganda Rural Fund (URL) by selling jewelry through Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) to raise funds for URL, purchasing and selling knitted accessories from Padhma Creations in Nepal which can be purchased in the CSB Bookstore, and inspiring SIFE to send students on follow-up trips to Uganda following our documentary, Essubi: Growing Up With Hope, from 2010.
  • As team members, we develop in leadership through our experiences and have hopes that it will continue to expand and inspire our future goals.