About Us


Edelbrock Greens, a deep winter greenhouse, focuses on sustainably producing organic leafy greens. In a controlled growing environment that uses aquaponics, Edelbrock provides opportunities for members of the CSB/SJU community to learn and understand the components of a fully-sustainable growing operation. In addition to educating the community, the greenhouse provides fresh greens to the on-campus dining services, members of the CSB/SJU community, and the local Minnesota Street Market.


Edelbrock Greens strives for leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible, while producing high quality organic products for our customers. All of our products are sustainably grown using compost from Saint John’s Flynntown area residents and waste from our aquaponics system. Both the compost and fish waste are recycled back into our greenhouse products to provide them the necessary nutrients for growth. 


Edelbrock Greens, the EcoHouse Community, and Saint John’s Solar Field were created with the goals of providing clean, renewable energy and sustainable lifestyles for all CSB/SJU and surrounding community members. Tours of the greenhouse, EcoHouse community, and the solar field are all presented with the hopes of inspiring and educating our community on ways to live more environmentally friendly lives.


Our dedicated team at Edelbrock Greens works hard to provide locally grown products with high quality service.   We work to provide steady amounts of greens to the dining services on campus, the Minnesota Street Market, and to CSB/SJU members, especially during our cold Minnesota winters. Students, faculty, and community members can all easily purchase our Deep Winter CSA and individual products through our website, or by contacting a member of the EcoHouse community directly.

GreensOrganic & GMO Free

We prides ourselves in providing 100% organically grown greens in our on campus greenhouse. All of our products are sustainably grown using compost from Flynntown and fish waste from our aquaponic system. No fertilizers or pesticides are used in our greenhouse to provide the healthiest and most sustainable products for our customers.