Clemens Perk

Closed for the summer!

Clemens Perk is a student-run coffee shop located conveniently in the Clemens Library on the College of Saint Benedict campus.

As Clemens Perk is located in a library, it responds well to offering "academic ethos" within its walls.  Academic discussion among students, faculty, and staff is encouraged through Clemens Perk programming and events.

The purpose of Clemens Perk is to supply gourmet coffee and snacks to students and faculty.  Coffee is a luxury item, but many people consider it a must-have during times of work and study.  

Clemens Perk offers a relaxing environment for students who are using the library for studying and/or group meetings.  Clemens Perk is dedicated to enhancing the culture and academic-ethos of the college experience and provides excellent customer service.

Find us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat: @clemensperk