John Moore


  • Graduating Year: 2015
  • Major: Accounting

While at CSB/SJU, John created the AllYouCanPick (AYCP) website and app.  AllYouCanPick is a free hyper-local weekly sports pick em' app that connects college/university students (and eventually everyone) with local establishments such as restaurants, bars, coffee shops etc. Users will compete by picking winners of sports games/stats correctly, and depending on how many games/stats they correctly predict they will be placed in a leaderboard respectively. If they do well enough, a prize will be credited to their account at the end of the week. Every college town has its favorite local hot spots: bars, pizza joints, etc. These local hot spots offer free prizes/discounts/coupons in exchange for advertising. Local sponsors not only get advertising through the app/website, they also see increased revenue as more users come through their doors to redeem their prize, frequently bringing their friends along too. Thus, AllYouCanPick acts as a marketing platform, primarily targeting generation Y and Z.  John used his knowledge acquired in the Entrepreneur Scholars program to create a sustainable, profitable, win-win-win (users, sponsors, AYCP) business model/strategy.  John hopes to scale the app to other campuses nationwide.