Elia Medina


  • Graduating Year: 2015
  • Major: Global Business Leadership

During Elia’s first year at CSB/SJU, she was approached by another student to take part in a pilot mentoring program for young Latina women in Melrose, MN because she had the ability to relate very closely to the issues these young Latinas were facing. Elia was a major influence to these young women because she too had gone through the effects of immigration, such as family separation and financial obstacles. Elia’s determination to help her family and herself succeed made her fight for an opportunity to attend Saint Ben’s. Her ambition and strength of fighting for such an opportunity made an impact on these young women. After a year of success, Elia wanted to continue this program with a bigger group of students and through the center she was given the opportunity to work with a team, who also had a similar vision in making this program a success. With Elia co-leading the program, Todo Posible’s mission is to provide junior and high school youth in the Latino community a comfortable space where, combined with college-aged Latinos, they may share their stories and form meaningful relationships. Todo Posible provides the youth with leadership and life skills, educational and financial knowledge, and group support to take advantage of the opportunities around them, challenge cultural traditions and expectations, as well as, value their heritage.