Tom Henderson 2008-2010

Tom Henderson grew up in Eagan, Minnesota. As a high school student and athlete, he developed his side job, mowing lawns, into a full-service lawn maintenance service. At its peak, the Perfect Cut Complete Lawn Care maintained 40 properties and provided services such as mowing, aeration, dethatching, fertilizing, weed control, landscaping, hedge/tree trimming, and spring/fall clean-ups. Tom developed his company into a subchapter-S Corporation and continued with it through his freshman and sophomore year at Saint John’s University. Upon acceptance into the Entrepreneur Scholar program, he decided it was time to sell to focus on another venture and travel! On August 10, 2008, The Perfect Cut was acquired by Glen Hunt Lawn Services. In between then and now, Tom has been to Israel and Egypt and enjoyed his Entrepreneur Scholar experience, especially the trips to California and China. Through the China experience, he was able to meet an entrepreneur in Hong Kong, and returned for a summer experience of living and working on Hong Kong Island. As a student at Saint John’s, he enjoyed the opportunity of developing awesome relationships with friends and professors and travel.