Hibes Galeano Rivas, 2008-2010

Hibes Galeano majored in Management. She was born and raised in El Salvador, a small country in Central America. Technology is one of her fascinations; she loves to see what is new and how technology is changing life as we know it. Hibes and her business partner, Libby McMurray worked on a project called  The Beehive, a website in which CSB/SJU students will be able to sell and buy items within the community. Hibes and Libby  joined forces with senior Computer Science major, Alex Helwig, who developed this website as his Honors Thesis project. .

The Entrepreneur Scholars program has given Hibes real life experiences through travels to San Francisco, China and Hong Kong and by presenting her venture to successful alums who have given her valuable feedback to improve The Beehive and ensure its success.