Silu Ma 2007-2009

Silu Ma will be a junior this fall majoring in accounting.   Originally from China, Silu has made the international leap which boosted his courage, dreams, and passion.  Since he arrived at St. John’s University he says he has "gotten to know a bunch of new friends, has improved his English, run for SJU senator, tried out for the SJU basketball team, joined the Inspiring Leaders Certificate Program (ILCP) and volunteered at the Retirement Center".  He worked at 5 different places on campus.  Silu loves to play basketball and was the team captain in high school in China.  He also enjoys traveling and has been to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau and some other important metropolises in China mainland, and of course, now he studying abroad in USA.  He believes that an entrepreneur should be well-rounded enough to handle his or her business in a complex world.  Silu has strived to integrate piano, drawing, sports and academic knowledge into the other activities of his life.  In the Entrepreneur scholar program, planed and developed a business regarding Chinese individual investment.  Silu says, "Due to the rapid development of China’s economics, the Chinese people get richer and richer, but how do they manage their increasing wealth and use the existing money to generate more money? And how do they invest their money in a way they can gain the most profitable and beneficial return?"