Bibi Abdalla 2007-2009

Bibi Abdalla graduated from the College of Saint Benedicts majoring in political science and minoring in economics. Although she is an American citizen, she was born in Somalia and raised in both Kenya and the United States. Her decision to become a political science major is fueled by her passion to make a difference in third world counties. A few summers ago Bibi received the opportunity to work on a fund raising project for Somali public hospitals. This project made her realized the importance of possessing entrepreneurship skills. As a political science major, she was trained to be an ideologist but was never taught how to put those ideas into practice. This project of raising money for the hospitals allowed her to be both an ideologist and entrepreneur. The lesson she learned from this project is that it takes only an imagination to envision, thus anyone can envision. Only few can turn their vision into reality because it requires real skills and talent to attain it.  As a person who wants to eliminate poverty someday, Bibi strives to be among those who not only envision but turn their dreams into reality as well.   In the future, Bibi wants to use the skills she has learned from the Entrepreneur Scholars program to enhance the number of small business in the world.