Emily Karnas 2006-2008

Emily majored in Political Science, International Business, with an Emphasis in Entrepreneurship at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University.  Throughout her four years at CSB/SJU, Emily has submerged herself into international travel, college dance team captain, and entrepreneurial endeavors.  Her communication and leadership skills allowed for assisting the dance team to a national title and connected the CSB/SJU campus by organizing and executing annual college traditions. Emily has embraced many study abroad programs traveling to China, Hong Kong, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, and India. From business site visits and international informational interviews, to exploring the daily life, to home stays, to volunteering through social entrepreneurship, she has crossed borders to receive a firsthand understanding of cultures, life, and business on a global level. Emily’s future holds no bounds and will continue to utilize her skills she has acquired from CSB/SJU and the Entrepreneurship Program to continue her travels and life aspirations.