Teresa Crater, 2005-2007

Teresa is a member of the second cohort of Entrepreneur Scholars.  She graduated in 2007 from the College of Saint Benedict with a Communications major and Spanish and Management minors.  She currently works at a venture capital investment firm based in Minneapolis.

As a student, she worked as a Resident Assistant and enjoyed meeting new people and creating fun programs for her residents. She also hosted prospective students. “It’s a really great experience to show other students the campus and give them an inside look into the unique community provided at CSB/SJU.” Teresa was also active in the political science and was a frequent volunteer in the 2004 Presidential elections. 

She grew up in Modesto, California, home of George Lucas and the birthplace of Star Wars. As an avid golfer and tennis player, Teresa enjoys the outdoors and the warm climate of California. She also enjoys hanging out at the beach with friends and seeing plays in San Francisco.

As an E-Scholar, Teresa joined the business team started by three other Entrepreneur Scholars, called Your College Memories.  That business creates and sells ceramic replicas of buildings on college campuses.  Their first is of the chapel on the campus of the College of Saint Benedict.  Teresa is actively selling the product to alumnae.  To learn more go to: http://www.yourcollegememories.com/