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These cases are designed for a wide range of uses. View details about each EduCase and suggested uses by clicking on the desired case:

Ordering a review copy:
You can order a review copy by clicking on "order it now"...and ordering a review copy.

You will have 45 days to review the copy and to decide if you will use it in your course.

Once you decide to use it:
If you decide to use the case notify us via e-mail to educasehelp@csbsju.edu. In that e-mail let us know when you will be using it, in what course, an estimated number of students and how many sections of that course is offered. Within two weeks of your order, if we have not received an e-mail, we will contact you by telephone to learn more about your interest and needs.

Access to Faculty resources:
Once you notify us that you will be using the case we will provide you with an access password for you to use enter the faculty only section of this website. That portion of our website is based on Moodle interactive software. There you will find instructors guides for each EduCase and further information about teaching the millennial student. In the future you will be able to find sample syllibi that use EduCases and to give us your feedback on how you have used it.

Educase Enterprise Faculy site.

If you don't want to use an EduCase within a year
If you decide not to use it you will be billed for $24.99 for Mississippi Topsoils or $27.99 for Clemens Perk.