Imagine watching an interview in which the owner of a company describes the challenges his or her business faced as it was developing and is facing now. Imagine seeing the offices, the product and the manufacturing facilities. Imagine seeing the website and a sample of their customer contact materials. All of that on a single DVD brings a new dimension to the classroom and student dialogue centered on a case study. Packaged with a narrative and study questions the EduCase case study is ready to stimulate classroom discussions about the challenges of a real business. 

EduCase: Mississippi Topsoils

This case features an entrepreneurial composting business. Located next door to its raw material source, a poultry processing plant, the company uses a carefully controlled process to compost plant waste with wood and yard waste that would otherwise be disposed of in local landfills. After five years of operation the company has developed four products which it distributes at retail nursery locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is designed for use in the following courses: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Environmental Studies, Marketing and Management overveiw.

Educase: Clemens Perk is Entrepreneurship

This case features a coffee shop started by college students. This a coffee shop started in 2005 by four entrepreneurial studies program students of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. This case study describes the discovery, planning and start-up of this coffee shop housed in the campus library. The Case includes a full feasibility study, a complete business plan and a professionally done documentary on DVD with interviews with the students about their experiences along the way. Designed for introduction to management, marketing and entrepreneurship courses, this case study gives a real world example of what students can achieve and the challenges they face along the way.