Executive in Residence

The Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship
welcomes its third Executive in Residence 

Teresa Mazzitelli

What is an Executive in Residence?
The Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship will be hosting its first Executive-in-Residence program for the 2011-2012 academic year. The goal of the program is to build on the success of our current alumni mentoring program and deepen the opportunity for student connection through more frequent and informal access to seasoned and accomplished leaders dedicated to sharing their experience and expertise.

The McNeely Executive in Residence will engage with students, faculty and staff in a range of activities including mentor sessions with students to provide advice on ventures and career opportunities; class presentations and discussions with student groups, faculty and staff; and informal lunches and suppers with students. The Executive in Residence will also engage with the McNeely Center Advisory Committee on key topics of mutual interest. The Executive in Residence may also use their time on campus towards developing their own new venture as well creating resources for the Center such as articles, videos or related projects that can help students in their lifelong pursuit of entrepreneurship.

Teresa is a '72 graduate of the College of Saint Benedict earning a degree in Theatre Arts & Communications.  She landed the title role in Peter Pan while at St. Ben's, and found the experience of soaring to unchartered heights to be quite helpful later in life as a business owner/entrepreneur. After college she worked in the performing arts acting, directing and designing. As a member of a children's theatre troupe, she developed the 'tough skin'' necessary for her soon-to-be new role as an entrepreneur (she toured as a singing & dancing turtle)!

  After working for a Twin Cities recruiting firm, Teresa made the leap to start her own venture, an executive search firm. Founded in 1988, The Mazzitelli Group is a retained executive search firm serving client companies, organizations and institutions in senior level talent acquisition. Teresa has been recognized as a trusted adviser to CEO's, business owners, corporate boards and search committees. Teresa values the Benedictine tradition of service to others, and believes that personal strength is a prerequisite for helping others. She serves as the Vice-Chair of the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship serving the College of Saint Benedict, Saint John's University.

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