Individual students from all classes and all majors are encouraged to visit the McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship and explore their ideas for a venture either a business or a nongovernmental organization. We have expert volunteer alums who help students with all of the starting venture challenges, alums who are volunteers to help students connect to key industries they need to get connected to and Pat Maxwell and Paul Marsnik provides coaching along the way to help & students, staff and faculty move forward and avoid some of the first timer missteps that can happen. We also have a student loan fund available for business loans.

Center staff and volunteer alum mentors are also available to provide coaching and feedback on ideas and on assist on ventures that are already underway. Periodic group meetings with students with similar interests will help students build personal networks and learn together.

For more information call or stop by the Center.

320-363-2373 Pat Maxwell, Director  [email protected]
320-363-2033 Paul Marsnik, Academic Director, Professor   [email protected]
320-363-2065 Kelli Gradin Program Coordinator   [email protected]

350 Simons Hall
Saint John's University Campus