Proposed New Charge for CCVC

With the presentation of this report to the faculty, CCVC completes its current charge. We propose a new charge:

The JFS authorizes the Common Curriculum Visioning Committee (CCVC) to continue its work in providing direction and strategy for potentially implementing changes to the Common Curriculum. The committee shall:

  1. Using the process and design principles in this report, shepherd the general education revision process so that the checkpoints on the timeline approved by the JFS are followed;
  2. Develop subcommittees to be charged with addressing various aspects of the process;
  3. Organize and host workshops, reading groups and outreach events during appropriate phases of the process;
  4. Based on community feedback, draft a vision statement and revised learning outcomes for general education to be considered by the Joint Faculty Senate;
  5. Maintain an electronic site to keep the community informed of developments and to make documents publicly available;
  6. Develop and circulate a call for Targeted Suggestions and a Statement of Intent to Create a Curricular Design Team;
  7. Participate, if feasible and appropriate, in the American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) 2016 conference on "General Education & Assessment: From My Work to Our Work" in February 2016 and the CSB/SJU "Illuminating the Liberal Arts" conference in July 2016; and
  8. Work with JFA leadership during spring 2016 and summer 2016 for possible inclusion of general education themes at the 2016 Fall Faculty Workshop.

The Common Curriculum Visioning Committee will regularly update the Joint Faculty Senate about the status of its work. Progress on these steps assumes adequate membership on CCVC and the resources needed to carry out the work.