Task Force Report


CCVC would like to thank Academic Dean Karen Erickson for serving as an ongoing consultant for the group and for offering invaluable advice. Dr. Erickson was also part of the CSB/SJU team that attended the 2015 AAC&U Summer Institute on General Education & Assessment (each team is required to have one administrator) 

We also would like to offer special thanks to Dr. Ken Jones for serving as a consultant to the group. Ken's experience as Director of the Common Curriculum proved invaluable in the early stages of our research. 

Some language in the section on the transition from the Core Curriculum to the Common Curriculum and on assessment efforts to date comes from a narrative statement authored by Dr. Phil Kramer and Dr. Pam Bacon. 

Two paragraphs in the section on equity are from the CSB/SJU Strategic Directions 2020 Environmental Scan, authored by Jon McGee and members of the Strategic Directions Council. 

CCVC wishes to thank past Provost Rita Knuesel for providing resources for a guest speaker at the 2014 Fall Faculty Workshop and for her willingness to send a campus team to the 2015 AAC&U Institute on General Education & Assessment. CCVC wishes to thank Interim Provost Richard Ice and Academic Dean Karen Erickson for providing resources to continue our work after the AAC&U Institute. 

CCVC appreciates the support of the Joint Faculty Senate while they waited for the results of this report. 

CCVC acknowledges the leadership of SJU President Michael Hemesath and CSB President Mary Hinton for their continued support of liberal education.

To read the full task force report, you can click on the link to the PDF on the right or read each individual section, also listed in the right column of this page.