General Education Models

The JFS selected the Seminar Model.  Below are links related to this model.

Below are final two models:  the Pathways Model and the Seminar Model. 

Here are three videos to that explain some aspects of the models.

  • The first video is on the similarities and differences between the two
  • The second video is on creating a four-year plan, which should help others figure out how to create four-year plans for their students.
  • The third video is on the difference between project-based versus course-based models, as well as the decisions faculty and students have to make to participate in the Gen Ed curriculum.
  • The fourth video is on ePortfolios.

Below are descriptions of previously considered models.  These are no longer under consideration, as they have been incorporated in the above models.

The three models for our next general education program are labeled by color:  blue, green, or salmon.  Below are the three corresponding executive summaries.

Below are the full reports for the three models.

Below are the change logs (as of October 14, 2016) for the three models.