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2007-2008 CSB Graduate Survey

To what extent is developing a career important to you at this time?
Please select the option that best describes your current position:
Part A - Post Graduate Plans: (One option must be selected, then continue to next section):

Part B - Employment Plans: If you have taken a full-time, part-time, long-term temporary, volunteer service, or military position, please tell us:

Is this a:

How did you find this position?
Part C - Continuing Education: If you are ACCEPTED/ENROLLED and plan to continue your education (graduate or professional degree, diploma, license, or certificate) WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR, please respond to the questions in this section. If not, please return to Part A.

Are you planning to attend
Do you intend to work while enrolled?
Part D - General Feedback: Your responses to the questions in this final section of our survey will help us refine our services.
Did you participate in any career-related experiences while in college (e.g., internship, undergraduate research, volunteering, career-related summer job, career-related student employment, student teaching, nursing clinical, practicum, study abroad-field experience/practicum, etc.)?
Which of the following Career Services have you used? Check at least one; check all that you utilized during your college career)

During your college career, approximately how many times did you utilize Career Services: staff, programs, and resources (website, career library, Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI, etc.) to help in your major and career planning?

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Please indicate the response that most identifies your learning experience with Career Services' programming and resources throughout your years at CSB|SJU.
I learned about possible career options (related to my interests/skills/values and/or major):
  Agree Neutral Disagree
I learned how to utilize various websites and career resources for major and career (internships, undergraduate research, employment, graduate school, full-time volunteering) purposes:
  Agree Neutral Disagree
I learned how to develop and utilize career tools (e.g., resumes, correspondence, interviewing skills, networking and portfolios):
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You have completed the survey. Thank you for responding!