Think Broadly

Students interested in business careers can choose from any of our 38 majors.  In most cases, potential employers care more about your academic success and college involvement than about your specific area of student.

Popular majors for business-minded students include:

While these options allow students to tailor their academic experience to fit individual preferences, each specialty will follow a similar academic path. Students will encounter coursework that presents a broad foundation in the discipline. They will study theory, and they will have many hands-on opportunities to apply that theory, through both team and individual projects.

Ian Scherber
Global Business Leadership Major

SJU junior and Entrepreneur Scholar creates Neverest Outfitters

There's one nasty word entrepreneurs don't ever want to say.

The word? No. As in, "No, the product is not available for sale." Or, "No, the funds aren't available to do that."

But recently, Saint John's University junior — and entrepreneur — Ian Scherber was able to say "yes" — as in "Yes, the product is available for sale."

Scherber, working with a team of current and graduated students from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University with the Entrepreneur Scholars program, has created Neverest Outfitters.

He worked with CSB junior and lead product designer Mary Rumpca and others to develop prototypes for Neverest Outfitters' product line —  backpacks, messenger bags, growler carriers, a tote, a bracelet and a T-shirt.

Neverest Outfitters raised $13,360 through a Kickstarter campaign, which allowed Scherber to take his product line to a company in Battle Lake, Minnesota, for manufacturing.

He also credits Entrepreneur Scholars for getting his business off the ground, calling it "an unbelievable program" offered to students at CSB/SJU.

"I've gotten a lot of support. I couldn't have done it without the (program). It helps you get set up for success, and really guides you in the right direction," Scherber said.