Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to do an undergraduate business degree in a metropolitan area?

In a global marketplace and electronically connected society, location has become irrelevant.  Our 3,500 acres of woods and lakes come completely "wired," our faculty members are highly experienced, and our focus is wholly on the undergraduate student.  Our strong connections with regional companies and throughout the business world give our students a foot in the door at businesses as close as St. Cloud and Minneapolis and as far away as Hong Kong.

Do your students get internships?

Definitely.  In fact, some of our academic departments require students to complete internships.  CSB/SJU accounting majors are heavily recruited by the Big Four accounting firms for paid internships after their junior year, and last year, 170 CSB/SJU global business majors completed internships.  The CSB/SJU Internship Office works closely with students to help them find internships and get the most out of the experience. 

Should I attend a college that has an MBA program?

There are three good reasons to cross this off your list of priorities.  First, students rarely head directly into a graduate program following their undergraduate experience — and most MBA programs want to see work experience from their applicants.  Second, students only infrequently pursue a graduate program at the same school as their undergraduate degree — our graduates have completed business-related masters degrees at some of the most prestigious universities in the nation.  And most importantly, because we are not focusing on graduate programs, we devote all our resources to undergraduate students.

Some colleges promote the accreditation of their business program. Are CSB/SJU accredited?

CSB/SJU are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a Member of the North Central Association.  CSB/SJU have never sought accreditation for our business programs from agencies such as AACSB or ACBSP.  Accredited programs require students to take a large core of courses in all business disciplines whether or not the student has an interest in that area. The structured, non-flexible program of study required by these agencies is incompatible with our liberal arts education.  Our approach encourages students to see the forest, not just the individual trees, and to consider issues of diversity, creativity and ethics throughout the curriculum.

What major should I choose if I want to go into business?

Because "business" encompasses so much of what we do in our careers (from international corporations to small, non-profit organizations) and because of the wide range of expertise needed in different positions, your undergraduate major could be from any area.  Many CSB/SJU students interested in business choose to major in one of these areas: accounting and finance, communication, economics, or global business.  However, students majoring in everything from environmental studies and theater have landed corporate positions right after college.

What is the placement rate for your graduates?

For the CSB/SJU class of 2013, only one percent of the graduates was unemployed after one year.  That equates to nine students.  See our "Graduate Outcomes Database" for more information.