Access and Use Policy

The Bruce Larsen Collection is housed in Alcuin Library of Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota. The following procedures allow access to the collections while ensuring their preservation as a lasting resource for musicians and scholars.

Both internal members of the SJU and CSB community, as well as visiting scholars, are encouraged to use the Larsen Collection for their research needs. The Archives are not open for browsing; researchers are asked to contact the Librarian for an appointment to consult the collection. The Library reserves the right to restrict the use of records that are not processed, materials containing confidential or sensitive information, or records that are of exceptional value or are fragile.

To safeguard the unique materials housed within the Collection, researchers are requested to observe the following rules:

  1. MATERIALS BROUGHT TO THE LIBRARY: Coats, briefcases, purses, book bags, and other personal property not essential to research projects must be left at the designated area.
  2. SMOKING, EATING, AND DRINKING: are not permitted under any circumstances.
  3. EQUIPMENT: The use of portable personal computers, cameras, and audio/video recorders will be allowed only with permission of the Librarian. The use of hand-held scanners is prohibited. Fountain pens, felt-tipped pens, or similar ink writing instruments cannot be used. Please take notes in PENCIL only.
  4. STACK AREAS are closed to patrons. All materials will be retrieved by staff. Materials are to be used only in the research area under the supervision of the Librarian.
  5. HANDLING OF MATERIALS: Materials must be handled with care; they must not be leaned on, written on, folded, or otherwise handled in any way likely to damage them. The existing order of documents within each folder and box should be maintained. Sheets must be turned in order and kept neatly in the folders. Please report any error in cataloguing, dating, or filing.
  6. PHOTOCOPYING and/or SCANNING of Music is only allowed by permission of the Larsen Estate. Any copies provided are for the individual's personal use and may not be further reproduced, published, publicly performed, offered for sale, transferred to another individual or deposited in another institution without written permission from the Estate and/or the copyright holder. Photocopies or scans of text material (programs, correspondence, awards) may be provided with permission of the Librarian. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of libel, privacy, and copyright which may be involved in his/her use of manuscripts and other materials. All copying is done by the Library staff.
  7. CITATIONS should follow this format: Identification of item, Bruce Larsen Collection, Alcuin Library, St. John's University (Collegeville, MN).