FAQs about Textbooks

Can I charge textbooks to my student tuition account any time?

You can use your tuition account at the CSB/SJU Bookstores for a time period at the beginning of each semester.  This account is to assist in purchasing textbooks, academic materials and other student items necessary for your educational experience.

If you have a mod class and want to charge or rent your textbook(s), purchase them at the beginning of the semester.

$3 minimum applies to both the tuition account and credit card transactions.

Wait!  Don't I need to pre-order my books?

We stock all the textbooks you need for your classes IN the SJU Bookstore.  Stop in, and we will help you find what you need. When you order online, we pull your books from the shelves and bag them up! No need to pay shipping --you can pick up from either Bookstore for FREE! 

Why is my book only available in new condition at the Bookstore?

There are many reasons why a book is only available in new condition.  Before you order it someplace else or buy it from a friend, make sure you know what is required and what you are getting.  Does it have an access code?  Is it a workbook? Is it custom to CSB/SJU?  Are you ordering the current edition? Not knowing what you really need can end up costing you a lot more.  Read the full title and any notes with the course before assuming you need just the book. 

How do I decide which type of textbook to purchase?

There are several options, so know what you need!  Not all options are available for each title.

New Textbook—Some books are only available in new condition because they contain access codes, they are newly published, or lack of used book supply.

Used Textbook—Save at least 25% or more off the new price. This option is not available for all titles.

Rental—Pay a fee to use a textbook for the semester and return it in good condition to the Bookstore by the due date. May rent new or used textbooks. Save up to 60% off the new book price. Please read our Rental Agreement.

E-Book—Textbooks available in digital format. If an e-book is available, you can choose the e-book or the print version. You don’t need both.

Direct Access—The Direct Access program is a new textbook model in collaboration with publishers that converts books into digital content. You will be emailed information before class starts if you are in a class that is using Direct Access. 

What is an ACCESS CODE and how do I know if I need one?

An access code allows you to obtain online content and homework assignments. Codes can only be used once, so if a textbook has an accompanying code, the book will not be available in “used” condition in most cases. You will know your textbook has an access code with it, because it will say so right in the title of the book. Ex. LIFE SPAN DEVELOPMENT WITH CONNECT ACCESS CODE 

Should I RENT or BUY my book?

Not all titles are available for rent, but if they are, it can save you some money!

Wondering why you can’t rent your language textbooks? Often these books are used for two semesters in a row, and books can’t be rented for the entire year.

Rentals are always due the last day of the semester and need to be in good condition.  If not, your student account will be charged the replacement fee. We cannot accept books with any water damage (coffee, snow, etc.). You will receive several emails at the end of the semester if you have rentals outstanding.  

What is the Bookstores’ RETURN POLICY for course materials?

You must have your receipt with you for any refunds. Books need to be returned in the same condition as purchased, and access codes cannot be revealed. Textbook returns are only allowed during the first week of classes, unless you drop the course 

Can I return my book if I drop the class?

For dropped classes, bring in your receipt & new schedule within a week of dropping the course, and we will issue a refund. New books must be in new condition, unmarked with no signs of use. Access codes cannot be revealed or open. 

Where does the money go that I spend in the bookstore?

100% of Bookstore profits go towards CSB/SJU scholarships and campus improvements! 

Can I sell my books back when I am done with them?

Sell back your used textbooks and course materials at the end of each semester for cash! Cash for Books is right outside the Bookstores during Finals Week. The sooner you sell those books, the more you will get — it’s all supply and demand! Plus, Cash for Books is how we get our large selection of used books for the next semester. 

When you come to sell your books, they are bought by two sources:  the CSB/SJU Bookstores and a used book company.  The Bookstores purchase books that have been adopted by professors for the following semester.  Textbooks not used the following semester OR if the Bookstores have met their limit, may be bought back by the used book company.  That price is determined by national demand, edition status and inventory at their warehouse.