Textbook Rental Information

RENTAL INFO - Fall 2023

Deadline for fall semester is Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023.  ALL textbooks must be back to the CSB/SJU Bookstores by this date to avoid your student account being charged for the book not being returned. 

There will be a drop box in front of both bookstores if you cannot get to the store during store hours.
If you need to mail book back, please send it early enough to be recieved by Friday, Dec. 15, 2023 (no mail delivery on campus on weekends)

Send the rental books to:
SJU Bookstore
Attn:  Rental Return
2746 Sexton Drive
PO Box 3500
Collegeville, MN  56321

Questions about rentals can be sent to:  [email protected]

Rental Agreement

  1. I am renting the book(s) shown on the receipt. I have paid the rental price, and understand the rental return policy. I acknowledge that the book is in good condition.
  2. I will return the book to the Bookstore no later than the last day of finals. If I ship the book, it must be received at the Bookstore no later than the return date, shipping prepaid.  Any book returned after the rental due date will be charged the replacement cost and fee.
  3. I will return the book in good saleable condition as determined by the Bookstore. Book must be free of damage caused by fire and liquids (rain, snow, coffee, juice, etc.). The spine and pages must be free of damage. All CDs and other component parts included with this book, must be present and in saleable condition. Very limited highlighting and writing are acceptable.
  4. I am responsible for risk of loss from any cause, including theft, lost item(s).
  5. If I am late or if I fail to return the book, I will pay the Bookstore the replacement cost as shown on the receipt at any time after the rental return due date. I authorize the Bookstore to charge my student account to make this payment.

Rental Q & A

Q: How does the rental program work?

It's easy. CSB/SJU undgrad students can rent your textbooks from us. STUDENT ID IS REQUIRED to rent textbooks.  At the end of the semester you return the book to the bookstore. You do not receive any cash back at the end of the semester when renting a textbook.  If you don't return the book by the due date your tuition account will be charged the price of a used book. 

Q: Is renting the textbook a better deal than purchasing it?

There is no clear cut answer to this question.  Renting can save you money up front. If you buy, you may be able to sell the book at the end of the semester for more than the rental savings. It depends on the price given at buyback. If you lose or damage the book, you will have to pay the used book price to replace it, on top of the rental fee you originally paid.

Q: Why are not all books available for rental?

  • Many books are bundled with access codes or other materials and those are often not eligible for rental.
  • Books used for more than one semester are not eligible for rent.
  • Age of the textbook determines if it is a rentable title.
  • Custom titles to CSB/SJU have no rental options

Q: Why should I rent from the bookstore versus renting from an online retailer?

  • You receive competitive pricing - other retailers do not necessarily have a better price.
  • You are guaranteed the correct book based on the order we received directly from the instructor.
  • You do not have to wait for the book to be shipped to you.
  • You do not have to pay shipping to receive or return the book.
  • You will receive top-notch customer service.
  • All Bookstore profits go to scholarships and campus improvements.

Q: What if I don't return the book or I want to keep the book for future reference?

If the book is not returned, your tuition account will be charged the price of a used book.

Q: What if I lose the book or it is stolen?

Your tuition account will be charged the price of a used book.

Q: Where do I return the book at the end of the term? Do I get any money back when I return it?

You return the book to the cash register at either campus bookstore. There is no money given back when you return it as you paid a smaller fee in the beginning of the semester, but you will get a receipt showing that you have returned the book. 

Q: What if I drop the class?

Refunds must be made during our refund period at the beginning of each semester.  Check the return policy attached to your receipt for more information.

Q: Can I write and highlight in the book?

Yes, limited highlighting and writing is acceptable. 

Q: Do I need to return the exact copy of the book I rent?

Yes. At time of rental, we will place a unique serial number on your book.  Do not remove this serial number sticker.  This serial number will be used to identify your rental record when you return the book.