CSB/SJU Students -How to Order Textbooks

Textbooks for fall semester will be available early August

Changes to buying textbooks through the CSB/SJU Bookstores:

We are making changes to how you can purchase your textbooks through our websites and in our bookstores.  ALL textbooks will be loacted in the SJU Bookstore.  You will still be able to order them through our website (you will only need to place ONE order now!!) and you can still pick them up at either Bookstore location!!  We are expecting this will make the process easier for all of our studnets.  

Purchase books from our online Bookstore:

Our stock of textbooks is the same online as in the store. When you order, we pull all your books and bag them up! Choose “pick up” at your preferred campus at checkout and your textbooks will be waiting for you at the Bookstore when you arrive on campus.

1. Log into your Banner Account and find your class schedule.

2. Click on the link below your schedule: ORDER MY TEXTBOOKS. You will no longer need to order from both Bookstores, we have moved ALL books tothe SJU location.

3. Choose which textbook option you want. There are several options, so know what you need!  Not all options are available for each title.

    New Textbook—Some books are only available in new condition because they contain access codes, they are newly published, or lack of used book supply.

    Used Textbook—Save at least 25% or more off the new price. This option is not available for all titles.

    Rental—Pay a fee to use a textbook for the semester and return it in good condition to the Bookstore by the due date. May rent new or used textbooks. Save up to 60% off the new book price. Please read our Rental Agreement.

     E-Book—Textbooks available in digital format. If an e-book is available, you can choose the e-book or the print version —you don’t need both.

4. Review and complete your purchase.

Please note: You will need to create an account for the SJU Bookstore. If you have ordered anythign from the SJU Bookstore in the past then you may already have an account.  If you have only ordered from the CSB Bookstore website in the past, you will need to create a new account on the SJU Bookstore website.  

Buy your textbooks in the Bookstores:

ALL textbooks will be at the SJU Bookstore.  We stock all the books for your classes! Come in to the SJU Bookstore with your class schedule, and our staff will help you find everything you need. If you live close, this is a great option! You can pick used books without much highlighting, get all your other school supplies and have all your questions answered by our staff. You can also purchase your books when you arrive on move-in day or from our website.

Buy books once classes start:

No need to order online when you are on campus! Come in to the SJU Bookstore, we have all the books in the store; this is the quickest way to purchase when you are on campus.

Charge books to your tuition account:

Use your student ID to charge books and supplies to your tuition account at the beginning of each semester. Fall dates: August 1—September 10.   Spring dates:  December 10 - Feb. 10