How to Order Textbooks

Textbooks for fall semester will be available early August 2024

Buying textbooks through the CSB/SJU Bookstores:

All textbooks are located at the SJU Bookstore and on the SJU Bookstore website.  Place your order online and choose to pick up your textbooks at either Bookstore or ship to your home. 

How to purchase books from our online Bookstore:

  1. Go to Banner and click Student & Financial Aid Self Service.  Log into your account. Click on Student Profile.  Under you name, select Student Detail Schedule and pick Fall 2024 in the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on the link at the bottom of your schedule. Course materials for all classes are stocked at the St. John’s Bookstore.
  3. Choose which textbook option you want: new, used, rental, ebook. (Please watch to make sure you are not ordering both a paper book and an ebook of the same title.)
  4. Create or login to your account for the St. John’s Bookstore. Please use your campus email address.
  5. Choose your payment method. You can charge textbooks and supplies to your tuition account. Choose Student ID and enter your 9-digit Banner ID number.
  6. Choose your shipping method. You can choose to pick up your order at either Bookstore.
  7. Review and complete your purchase. You will receive an email confirmation. You will need the order number for pick up.

Please create an account for the SJU Bookstore website. If you have ordered anything from the SJU Bookstore in the past then you may already have an account.  If you create an account you will be able to log back in and see your order history.  If you use guest checkout you will NOT see your order history and you will not recieve an email when you click the forgot password box.  If you used guest checkout in the past you can now either create an account using your campus email or another email address, or use guest checkout again.    

Charge books to your tuition account:

Use your student ID to charge books and supplies to your tuition account at the beginning of each semester. 
Fall Semester:  August 1 - September 10, 2024
Spring Semester:  December 10, 2024 - February 10, 2025