Omar Abdullahi

What are you planning to do next year and what do you plan to be doing five years from now?

I will be working as a Medical Scribe at Fairview Southdale Hospital and Fairview Ridges Hospital. I will also be working as a medical translator for a part-time job. In June I will be applying to medical school and in five years I am planning to graduate from medical school and start residency. 

How have your vocational/career goals evolved during your time at CSB/SJU?

I came to St. John's not knowing what career path to take, but after taking variety of courses I realized I was most interested in Biology. Through more research and exploration I discovered medicine would be a field that I could use my knowledge in science to make a lasting impact on others. 

Why did you choose Biology as a major and how did you go about choosing the 300-level Biology courses that you took?

I have always had an interest in the sciences and a curiosity for human biology, so being a biology major was a logical choice.  While choosing which 300-level courses to take, I usually read the description and just see if I am interested in the topic.  Basically any course that could be applied in some way to human biology interested me, so I usually chose those courses.

What was the most rewarding experience you had at CSB/SJU (Biology-related or otherwise)?

I had a great time at CSB/SJU for my four years here.  One of my most rewarding experiences at CSB/SJU was working as a member of the St. John's EMT squad.  It was a pleasure working with energetic Johnnies and Bennies while contributing to the CSB/SJU community. 

Do you have any advice for students who are not sure what they want to do after graduation?

A lot of students just apply to graduate school or some kind of professional school after graduation, but there is so much more you could do.  You can take a year off to volunteer, do research, travel, and figure out exactly what you want to do.  So don't rush and keep your options open!