Mary Sweet

What are you planning to do next year and what do you plan to be doing five years from now?

Next year I will be starting a PhD program in the Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Program at the University of Colorado Denver. I'm interested in a career in research, so when I complete that I hope to continue doing research, possibly for a biotech company.

How have your vocational/career goals changed during your time at CSB/SJU? 

I came into CSB/SJU already knowing I wanted to major in biology and eventually go on to graduate school. I enjoyed each bio class I took, so that was reassuring in helping me to solidify my plans. I struggled with wanting to somehow incorporate my Hispanic Studies major as well, because I love the Spanish language, but I figure that it's still a useful skill to have in any future career.

Why did you choose Biology as a major and how did you go about choosing the 300-level Biology courses that you chose?

I've been passionate about biology since grade school, and I'm lucky in that I've always known I enjoyed it so much. I was especially interested in genetics, so a bio major made sense. I chose my bio classes not only because they interested me, but also simply based upon the recommended classes for the graduate school programs I was looking into applying for.

What was the most rewarding experience you had at CSB/SJU (Biology-related or otherwise)?

My junior year I studied abroad in Spain, and you'll hear from any other Bennie or Johnnie who has studied abroad that it's an absolutely worthwhile experience. Spending a semester in another country challenged me in ways that helped me develop better communication skills and independence while allowing me to explore a culture that I love.

Do you have any advice for students who are not sure what they want to do after graduation?

I've worked at the Career Resource Center the past few years and I can't stress enough how useful it has been to connect with Bennie and Johnnie alumni. Our alumni are doing some great things, and I've talked with many of them at CRC events like Career EXPO and alumni panels about options after graduation. Getting in contact with alumni wanting to talk with you about career options is easy through the CANE database at the CRC. They've given me invaluable advice and are always willing to lend a helping hand to a fellow Bennie or Johnnie.