Melancon Greenhouse

The CSB/SJU Biology Department Greenhouse is a collection of plants used for classes and research.   Three separate rooms house plants from tropical, mesic, and desert areas.  The mission of the CSB/SJU Biology Department Greenhouse is to maintain a diverse, well-documented and accurately labeled living plant collection that enhances teaching and research for the faculty and students.


  • The plant collection shall be displayed in a well designed, visually pleasing manner that promotes knowledge and interest in plants.
  • The greenhouse shall promote an appreciation of the relationship between humanity and the natural world.
  • The greenhouse shall provide the living plant specimens necessary to support the Biology Department's academic curriculum classes and research projects.
  • The audience served shall be the CSB/SJU community and general public.
  • The CSB/SJU Biology Department faculty, with input and assistance from other interested staff, students and volunteers, shall develop educational programming outside of the regular academic curriculum utilizing the greenhouse resources.


Bonnie Woodard, the Greenhouse manager welcomes you to visit and enjoy this green space year-round.  During the summer months the Greenhouse undergoes its annual cleaning.  The plants are assessed for their need within the department’s research needs and contribution to the Biology Department's mission and goals.  If there are particular plants that the department staff would like for a class, please let Bonnie know ASAP.  If you have ideas or questions about the greenhouse in general, please give a call.  Come down and visit, you’re always welcome!

Bonnie Woodard
[email protected]
320 363-3091