16: Required Approvals/Notification

16.1 Pre-approval of the use of dangerous chemicals

The Department of Biology requires pre-approval by the safety committee, for the following operations/ chemicals, based upon the chemical, physical and toxicological characteristics of the material, as well as quantity, concentration, and potential for exposure during actual use. Use the Laboratory-Specific Information Gathering Form to submit your requests for approval.

Severe to extreme explosive hazard chemicals

Known or anticipated human carcinogens

Low dose highly toxic chemicals (acute exposure)

Radioactive materials

Controlled substances

16.2 Notification of the use of Moderate-High Chronic Toxicity and High Acute Toxicity Chemicals

Biology Faculty Members are required to keep complete usage logs of the disposition of moderate-high chronic toxicity and high acute toxicity chemicals. See sections 10-3 and 10-4 for affected chemicals and record-keeping procedure