Our program is designed to help students understand how the sciences of biology and chemistry provide a way to develop an understanding of how living material and processes are constructed, organized, and regulated.

We seek to show how these two disciplines together, but not separately, can provide such an understanding, since neither a reductionistic approach of explaining life by an understanding of individual molecules, or a global approach of studying entire organisms or systems is sufficient.

Quick Facts

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Course Number Course Title Credits
BCHM 317 Biochemistry I 4 Credits
BCHM 317L Laboratory 0 Credits
BCHM 351 Laboratory Research 1-4 Credits
BCHM 370R Biochemistry in Cork 3 Credits
BCHM 371 Independent Study 1-4 Credits
BCHM 375 Biochemistry Capstone 2 Credits
BCHM 397 Internship 1-16 Credits