“…more will be expected of a man to whom more has been entrusted.”  R.B. 2.30


Hospitality: Making Room Inside Ourselves for Another Person by Sr. Cecelia Prokosch

Building Community, One Person at a Time by Fr. Eric Hollas

The History of Eichstatt by Sr. Ephrem Hollermann

Why Benedictines Can’t Stop Preserving Endangered Manuscripts by Fr. Columba Stewart

Institutions, Leadership, and the Benedictine Hallmarks by William Cahoy

Design of the Abbey Church by Br. David Paul Lange

Leading from the Margins by Mary Dana Hinton

Educating Students for Servant Leadership by Sr. Thomas Welder

Called to Leadership and Service by Sr. Thomas Welder

Sarah’s Story by CSB Graduate


Catholic, Benedictine Values in an Educational Environment by Abbot John Klassen, Sr. Emmanuel Renner, Sr. Mary Reuter

Keeping the Spirit in the Water of the 21st Century by Dave DeLand

Ten Years After Brother Dietrich’s Vision and Spirit Live on in the Benedictine Institute by Dana Drazenovich

Cultivating Sacramentality through Administrative Work: Guidance from St. Benedict on Being a Catholic Department Chair by Rodger Narloch, PhD

Doing Business with Benedict: The Rule of St. Benedict & Business Management by Kit Dollard (available in Quad 241 & Alcuin Library)

St. Benedict’s Guide to Improving Your Work Life: Workplace as Worthplace by Michael Rock (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)

St. Benedict’s Rule for Business Success by Quentin Skrabec (available in Quad 241 and Alcuin Library)

Deepening Engagement by Diane Millis (available in Quad 241 and Alcuin Library)