CSB/SJU History


Around the World with Saint Benedict by Robert Bell

It's All God's Work by Sr. Mara Faulkner

The Land, the Forest, and the Place of Agriculture at Saint John's by Tom Kroll

From Ancient Fire to a Humane Future by Richard Bresnahan

Hidden in Plain View by Martin Connell

Vision and Values: A Design History of Saint John's by Br. Robin Pierzina

The Nature of Saint John's by Larry Haeg & Jenny Kutter

Saint John's Abbey Church: The Creation of a Modern Sacred Space by Victoria Young

The History of Eichstatt by Sr. Ephrem Hollermann

Design of the Abbey Church by Br. David Paul Lange

Building the Saint John's Abbey Church

Abbey Church Construction Slideshow

Lake Sagatagan: A Lake of Saint John's Abbey Arboretum


Benedictine Bit: Sacred Heart Chapel

Benedictine Bit: Abbey Church Bell Banner

Benedictine Bit: BAC Benedictine Connections

Books on Saint Ben's/Saint John's (available in the Benedictine Institute Office, Quad 241)

Foundations of Benedictine Education by Fr. Hilary Thimmesh

The Reshaping of a Tradition by Sr. Ephrem Hollermann, Ch. 3

Thoughts on the Saint John's University Sesquicentennial by Br. Dietrich Reinhart

Keeping the Spirit in the Water of the 21st Century by Dave DeLand

Saint John's Abbey Church and The Saint John's Bible: Quantum Entanglement by Patrick Henry

Ten Years After Brother Dietrich's Vision and Spirit Live on in the Benedictine Institute by Dana Drazenovich

Benedictine Bit: Saint Benedict's: A Historic Look

Benedictine Bit: Saint John's: A Historic Look

Benedictine Bit: Saint John's Pottery

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Benedictine Tradition


Daily Reflections: Posts by Fr. Don Talafous

Monk's Chronicle: A Blog by Fr. Eric Hollas