To work toward a just order in our immediate environment and in the larger society.
“…that in all things God may be glorified” R. B. 57

“…everything he teaches and commands should, like the leaven of divine justice, permeate the minds of his disciples.” R.B. 2.5


Dorothy Day, Benedictine Roots behind her Life’s Work by Jeff Korgen

Grassroots Organizing and Benedictine Values…Say What? by Karlyn Forner

What is a Benedictine Oblate? by Fr. Michael Peterson, Mary Stommes, Nick Tangen, and Holly Christie

Not Just Talking About the Weather by Fr. William Skudlarek

Building Community, One Person at a Time by Fr. Eric Hollas

Leading from the Margins by Mary Dana Hinton

Critical Racial and Social Justice Education by Robin DiAngelo

Redeeming the Soul of America by Fr. Bryan Massingale

Why Benedictines Can’t Stop Preserving Endangered Manuscripts by Fr. Columba Stewart


Rule of Benedict, Chapter 57

Benedictinism, Non-violence, and the Rule by Fr. Rene McGraw

Being a Catholic Department Chair by Rodger Narloch, PhD

All is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day by Jim Forest (available in Quad 241 and Clemens Library)

Dorothy Day: The World Will Be Saved by Beauty by Kate Hennessy (available in Quad 241 and Alcuin Library)

A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward An Undivided Life by Parker Palmer (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)

The Rule of Benedict: A Spirituality for the 21st Century by Joan Chittister, Ch. 57 (available in Quad 241 & Alcuin Library)