To be humble, showing a modest regard of one's own skill.
"...they are to practice their craft with all humility"  R.B. 57

"The first step of humility is unhesitating obedience."  R.B. 5.1

"...if we humble our hearts the Lord will raise it to heaven."  R.B. 7.8

" lay our petitions before the Lord God of all things with the utmost humility and sincere devotion.  R.B. 20.2

"Above all, let him be humble."  R.B. 31.13

"...whoever needs more should feel humble because of his weakness"  R.B. 34.4

"All humility should be shown in addressing a guest."  R.B. 53.6


One Hundred Miles of Harmony by Fr. William Skudlarek & Ajahn Jotipalo

How Hospitality Makes Life Better and Easier by Kathleen Norris

John McCutcheon Shares by John McCutcheon

Musings on Monastic Mergers by Sr. Michaela Hedican


Rule of Benedict, Chapter 7 and 57

The Twelve Steps of Humility

Living in the Truth: Saint Benedict's Teaching on Humility by Michael Casey (available in Quad 241 and Clemens Library)

Benedict's cave in Subiaco