Conversatio, or conversion of life, is an ongoing process, one that helps us walk continually in the presence of God.

“Your way of acting should be different from the world’s way.”  R.B. 4.20


What is a Benedictine Oblate? by Fr. Michael Peterson, Mary Stommes, Nick Tangen, and Holly Christie

Happiness: Benedictine Style by Sr. Michaela Hedican and Br. David Paul Lange

Musings on Monastic Mergers by Sr. Michaela Hedican

Once a Johnnie, Always a Johnnie by Fr. Lew Grobe

Benedictine Spirituality Outside the Cloister


Rule of Benedict, Chapter 58

Benedictine Vow of Conversatio Explained

Spirituality for Everyday Living by Brian Taylor, Ch. 1 (available in Quad 241 & Alcuin Library)

Beyond the Walls: Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Life by Paul Wilkes, Ch. 3 (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)


St. Benedict’s Toolbox by Jane Tomaine, page 108-120