Boniface Wimmer/Benedicta Riepp


The Land, the Forest, and the Place of Agriculture at Saint John’s by Tom Kroll

Vision and Values: A Design History of Saint Johon’s by Br. Robin Pierzina

Saint John’s Abbey Church: The Creation of a Modern Sacred Space by Victoria Young

The History of Eichstatt by Sr. Ephrem Hollermann

Design of the Abbey Church by Br. David Paul Lange


Benedictine Bits: Benedicta Riepp

Behind the Beginnings by Sr. Incarnata Girgen

The Reshaping of a Tradition by Sr. Ephrem Hollermann, Ch. 2-3

Saint John’s Founder: Boniface Wimmer, in Brief by Peggy Roske

Record of a Journey: Mother Benedicta Riepp by Helen Herbstritt and Sr. Ephrem Hollermann

Prayer & Community: The Benedictine Tradition by Fr. Columba Stewart, Ch. 1 (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)

Strangers to the City by Michael Casey, Ch. 1.4 (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)