Benedictine Education Program - Level Two

We will be utilizing a Benedictine relevant book or materials to help us learn to apply the aspects of Benedictine practices in our daily work and lives. Please look for information and registration during the spring semester.  


The Benedictine Institute is sponsoring discussion groups on diving deeper into the application of Benedictine practices for our daily life.   These small group discussions are open to all employees that feel like they hold a basic understanding of the Benedictine Hallmarks.


Groups will meet for a total of six meetings for one hour each over the course of the spring semester. Above is a link to register and to select a time that works best.  You also have the option to list names of co-workers you would like to be grouped with. The Benedictine Institute will try to form groups based on your preferences.


After registration is complete, the Benedictine Institute will contact participants to arrange the meeting time and location. The Institute will also provide copies of the book or materials along with refreshments for each group meeting. Please note this is a discussion-based gathering and your active participation in discussion is vital to its success.