Benedictine Education Program

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This four-meeting program is a wonderful opportunity for employees to become more aware of the hallmarks of Benedictine education and life, thereby gaining a better understanding of our school's heritage and how faculty and staff might connect with it. A meal will be provided after each of the four hour-long meetings, including one meal with the sisters or monks in the monastic dining hall. Also, participants will be invited to join the sisters and monks in monastic prayer.

Words from past participants on the value of the program ...

"More than a learning experience, I found this to be a reinforcement and reminder of how I would like to live/approach my personal life in spirituality/personal relationships."

"I feel that having various speakers that live in the community gave a face to the Benedictine values.  Their personal experiences and stories were priceless.  What wonderful examples they are for me."

Fall Semester 2023 Schedule

Benedictine Institute Office, Quad 241
10:45-1:00 includes prayer and lunch
*Sep. 20 includes prayer and lunch in the monastic refectory

Session 1               Benedictine Hallmarks
Sep. 6                        Love, Humility, and Prayer
Sep. 13                      Stability and Stewardship
Sep. 20*                   Conversatio, Discipline, Obedience
Sep. 27                      Hospitality and Community


Benedictine Institute Office, Quad 241
10:45-1:00 includes prayer and lunch
*Nov. 6 includes prayer & lunch in the monastic refectory         

Session 2             Benedictine Hallmarks
Oct. 30                    Love, Humility, and Prayer
Nov. 6*                   Conversatio, Discipline, Obedience
Nov. 13                    Stability and Stewardship
Nov. 20                   Hospitality and Community


Oratory & Benedicta Riepp Room (Sacred Heart Chapel)
10:15-12:30, includes prayer and lunch 

Session 1            Benedictine Hallmarks
Oct. 25                    Love, Humility, and Prayer
Nov. 1                     Conversatio, Discipline, Obedience
Nov. 8                     Stability and Stewardship
Nov. 15                   Hospitality and Community