Benedictine Education Program

Click Here to Register  *postponed until further notice*

Register by Wednesday, January 22 for session 1 and Wednesday, March 4 for session 2.

This four-session program is a wonderful opportunity for employees to become more aware of the hallmarks of Benedictine education and life, thereby gaining a better understanding of our school's heritage and how faculty and staff might connect with it. A meal will be provided after each of the four hour-long meetings, including one meal with the sisters or monks in the monastic dining hall! Also, participants will be invited to join the sisters and monks in monastic prayer.

Spring Semester 2020 Schedule

SJU-Mondays                               CSB-Wednesdays
Quad 241                                         Sacred Heart Chapel-Benedicta Riepp Room
Jan. 27, Feb. 10, 17 (4:15-6:00)      Jan. 29, Feb. 5, 12, 19 (10:15-12:30)
Feb. 3 (4:15-7:30)                          
Prayer & Dinner                                 Prayer & Lunch
Session 1                                          Session 1                              Benedictine Hallmarks
January 27                                           January 29                               Love, Humility, and Prayer
February 3                                           February 5                                Conversatio, Discipline, Obedience
February 10                                         February 12                              Stability and Stewardship
February 17                                         February 19                              Hospitality and Community


SJU-Tuesdays                               CSB-Wednesdays
Quad 241                                         Sacred Heart Chapel-Benedicta Riepp Room
(10:45 am-1:00 pm)                          (10:15 am-12:30 pm)
Prayer & Lunch                                  Prayer & Lunch
Session 2                                        Session 2                              Benedictine Hallmarks
March 10                                             March 11                                    Love, Humility, and Prayer
March 17                                              March 18                                  Conversatio, Discipline, Obedience
March 24                                             March 25                                  Stability and Stewardship
March 31                                              April 1                                       Hospitality and Community