Benedictine Institute of Saint John’s


The mission of the Benedictine Institute is to strengthen and articulate in fresh ways the Catholic and Benedictine character of Saint John’s University, promoting a rich, authentic understanding and appreciation of Benedictine life and culture on campus. Full Mission Statement

Current Highlighted Opportunities:

Benedictine Living and Learning Community

2023-2024 Events and Programs

We are pleased to share many different opportunities for you to learn about or participate in our institutions’ Benedictine nature. Be sure to check the electronic CSB/SJU Bulletin Board and watch for emails from the Benedictine Institute for more details. Also, feel free to e-mail the Benedictine Institute or Rodger Narloch. We look forward to getting to know you and helping us all to grow in our understanding and appreciation for our Benedictine heritage.

Benedictine Raven Resources

In order to assist with navigating the video and text resources related to the Benedictine Raven requirement, the Benedictine Institute has compiled this online reference tool.  Look here for material to use for your class as part of the Benedictine Raven requirement or for information relevant to our Benedictine heritage.

BEN Talks

Similar to TED Talks, BEN Talks are short educational videos which help viewers gain a better understanding of the Benedictine history and values that shape the culture of our community. Watch and listen to monastic members share the wisdom of The Rule of St. Benedict. Not only will you learn more about monastic life, but you will be prompted to reflect on how this wisdom can apply to your own lives and work.  

Benedictine Perspectives on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

The Benedictine Institute hosted lunchtime discussions last spring as well as a two-day speaker series in April 2022 focusing on Benedictine Perspectives on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice (DEIJ). All presentations explored what it looks like to approach DEIJ issues from a Benedictine point of view. They provided important take-aways on this topic, regardless of one’s previous exposure to Benedictine spirituality. Guest speakers included Cindy Gonzalez, Nicholas Tangen, and Eric LeCompte with a culminating discussion panel moderated by Jessie Bazan.  All talks are now available online.


Benedictines live a life of regular prayer to create a rhythm in their day. This helps to keep focused on the things that provide meaning, rather than getting caught up in the uncertainty and anxiety in the circumstances around us. To model this practice, the Benedictine Institute invites you to sign up to receive 3 emails per week with inspirational, reflective quotes consistent with a Benedictine way of seeing the world.  Register Here!

Mini Grants for Benedictine Raven Faculty Development

The purpose of these mini grants is to provide stipend support ($400) for faculty time needed for their professional development in preparation to integrate a Benedictine perspective into one or more of their courses.  The goal is to generate a course proposal that would fulfill the Benedictine Raven designation in the Integrations Curriculum.

Catholic Benedictine Educator Award

The Catholic Benedictine Educator Award recognizes creative engagement between the Catholic Benedictine tradition and teaching throughout the curriculum. This award affirms a CSB/SJU faculty member whose exemplary teaching successfully integrates the Catholic Benedictine tradition with courses in their academic discipline and/or the Integrations Curriculum. 

Additional Benedictine Opportunities

In addition to programming, the Benedictine Institute has identified a number of other ways to help members of our community to learn about the Catholic Benedictine perspective and explore what it might mean for one’s own teaching or work. Please e-mail the Benedictine Institute or Rodger Narloch to take advantage of any of these resources. We look forward to getting to know you and helping us all to grow in our understanding and appreciation for our Benedictine heritage.