Becoming Community Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule

Apples and Oranges: Heritage Speakers in the Second Language Classroom: Visiting Speaker Dr. Kim Potowski, University of Illinios at Chicago.
Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 6:00-7:15 P.M.  Gorecki Presidents' Dining Room. CSB. No registration needed.

Heritage speakers- U.S. born speakers who learned other languages besides English in a non-academic setting- have linguistic, affective, and academic characterisitcs that require very different pedagogical approaches. This workshop covers issues including: What makes them different from foreign language learners? What placement procedures, instructional approaches, and materials are most appropiate in working with heritage speakers?  Separate courses are the best way to address thier needs appropriately, but when this is not possible, instructors must make adjustments in the regualre classroom.

Native Studies Series facilitated by Ted Gordon, Corrie Grosse, Melissa Burrell and additional CSB/SJU Students

3) Decolonizing Your Classroom
             Tuesday, December 3rd 6:30-8:00pm Gorecki 204A
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James A Bowey- When Home won't Let You Stay

Thursday , November 7 - 6PM CSB- Gorecki 204 

"In a penetrating exploration of America's evolvomg atitudes toward refugees, documentary artist James A Bowey has been traveling the United States meeting refugees, listening to their stories, and photographing their portraits.  The photographs are tken on location in a setting of the portrait subject's everyday life.  Along with the portrait, Bowey interviews each person and the first-person story accompanies their photograph. The individuals in this exhibitionshare poignant stories of violence and loss, as well as perserverance and hope; and their images and experiences produce a compelling human portrait of refugees in America."
Sponsored by: Fine Artd Programing, The McCathy Center, IISS, Mellon Grant-Becoming Community, Gender Studies
Level: Beginner and Intemediate.
Audience: Students, staff, faculty, monastice, and community member.

Transforming Your Syllabus for Inclusivity: A Collaborative Workshop

  • Presenters: Jeanne Cofell, Diana Fenton. Allison Spenader, & Madeleine Israelson
  • Monday, December 2nd 4-6PM  Gorecki Pres Dining room, 2nd floor
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Please look for future Becoming Community announcements about these and additional workshop opportunities soon!