Research Projects

Ten research teams were funded as part of the CSB/SJU Mellon Inclusion Research initiative! Through their work, these researchers are pursuing important lines of inquiry to provide valuable data to help answer our central question: How do the institutions promote or inhibit creating an inclusive community?” Here are the project titles and associated collaborators on these exciting projects:


Mellon Inclusion Research Projects Researchers
Exploring Inclusivity in Biology 101 to Identify Areas of Success and Improvement Katherine Furniss, Kyle McClure, Jacob Jantzer, and Thomas Kirkman
Investigating Food Insecurity and Potential Solutions at CSB/SJU Emily Heying , Jonathan Nash
An Ecological Model for Encouraging Social Justice, Inclusion, and Diversity in an Academic Setting Richard M. Wielkiewicz, Amanda Macht Jantzer, Stephen P. Stelzner, and Kyhl Lyndgaard
Inclusivity in Teacher Preparation at CSB/SJU: An Equity Audit Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Jeanne Cofell, Diana Fenton, Madeleine Israelson, Terry Johnson, Terri Rodriquez, and Allison Spenader
Collaborative Social Psychological Research on Institutional Policies and Practices Pamela Bacon, Amanda Macht Jantzer, and Jennifer Kramer
Identifying Pathways to Make CSB/SJU More Inclusive for Native Students Ted Gordon, Regina Therchik, Kateri Heymans, and Kyhl Lyndgaard
Latinx Identity and Perceived Inclusivity at CSB/SJU Emily Kuffner, Tania Gomez, Roy Ketchum, Sarah Schaaf, and Megan Sheehan
The Effectiveness of the Exercise Science and Sport Studies Department in Creating an Accessible and Inclusive Community for CSB/SJU Students Mary Stenson, Don Fischer, Janna LaFountaine, and Janelle Hinchley
Exploring CSB Student Attitudes Toward Economics Margaret Lewis, Sucharita Mukherjee, and Jean Keller
Using Storytelling to Reflect Upon Exclusive Encounters in “After 5 pm Experiences” Sophia Geng and Brandyn Woodard