Research, Practice, & Implementation

Eleven initiatives were funded as part of the new Becoming Community Research, Practice, & Implementation Project. This exciting and diverse collection of projects is designed to improve inclusivity at CSB/SJU. Here are the project titles and associated faculty, staff, and student collaborators:

Award Period: Spring 2019 - Fall 2020

Newly awarded projects Collaborators
Textbooks Uncovered: Open Educational Resource Development Kathleen Parker, Miranda Novak
Transforming Teacher Education for Underrepresented Students: Building a Multi-Pronged Mentorship and Community-Building Program Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Madeleine Israelson, Diana Fenton, Terri Rodriguez, Allison Spenader, Kim Adams, Jennifer Meagher, Terry Johnson, Terry Cofell, Susan Cogdill Vollbrecht, and Shannon Essler-Petty
Transforming CSB/SJU for Native and Indigenous Inclusion Ted Gordon, Regina Therchik, Belen Benway, and Claire Winters
Understanding the Experiences of Undergraduate Students from Underrepresented Religions, Denominations, or Religious Communities at CSB/SJU Chris Conway, Rediet Lewi, and Megan Sheehan
Food Insecurity at CSB/SJU: A Qualitative Analysis Emily Heying, Megan Sheehan, Chastity Fuller, Kaesha Madden, Sarah Minnehan, and Kenny Williamson
Building a Community of Emerging Scholars for Underrepresented Students Mary Stenson, Catherine Bohn-Gettler, & Lindsey Gutsch
Accessing Faculty Perceptions of Accessibility and Universal Design to Develop Programming and Address Barriers at CSB/SJU Sarah Gewirtz, Miranda Novak, Tom Sagerhorn, & Krysten Schwartz
Talk Climate Institute: Understanding Climate Justice Through Storytelling Kyhl Lyndgaard, Sarah Gainey, Kyle Rauch, & Corrie Grosse
Speaker on Equal Access and Equity for People with Disabilities Jason Kelly, Tom Sagerhorn, Krysten Schwartz, & Jillian McKenzie
Speaker to Improve Pedagogy and Inclusion of Heritage Speakers of Spanish Emily Kuffner, Tania Gomez, & Sarah Schaaf
Education Club/MinneSLIFE (Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education) 2019 Annual Conference Allison Spenader, Keegan McSherry, Alicia Peters, & Diana Fenton
MATH POSSIBLE: Tutor Training in the Math Skills Center Sunil Chetty, Brian Nyholm, & Robert Campbell