Headwaters Publications

Faculty who participated in the 2015-2017 Mellon grants published their research in HEADWATERS as a Roundtable Discussion--"From Intention to Action: Building An Inclusive Community." Download their publications here: https://digitalcommons.csbsju.edu/headwaters/

  • “An Introduction on the Mellon Grant” Mary Hinton and Michael Hemesath
  • “A Brief Taxonomy of Inclusive Pedagogies: What Faculty Can Do Differently to Teach More Inclusively” Jean Keller and Kyhl Lyndgaard
  • “What can Renaissance Studies Teach us about Inclusivity?” Emily Kuffner
  • “A Brief Experiment with Reading Study Groups in an Introductory Literature Course” Matthew Harkins
  • “Mainstreaming vs. Individuating: Incorporating Inclusive Pedagogy into Spanish Language and Culture Courses” Elena Sánchez Mora
  • “Tips for Conducting Difficult Classroom Discussions”J ennifer Susan Kramer and Jeanne Cook
  • “Discussing Difficult Topics—Drawing on Circles (and the Philosophy of Circles)” Julie Lynch, Brandyn Woodard, and Jessica Harkins
  •  “ ‘Cup of Humanity’—an Experiment in Equitable Group Dynamics” Jeff DuBois
  • “Using Video in the Writing Classroom: An Inclusive Pedagogical Approach to Making Good Arguments” Carl Lindgren
  • “Ethics in the Field: Notes on Making Environmental Ethics More Inclusive”Charles W. Wright
  • “Engagement in the Media and Society Course” Kelly A. Berg
  • “Practicing Inclusive Teaching Strategies in a Storytelling Class” Zhihui Sophia Geng
  • “How Far Can Inclusion Take Us? Framing the Narrative for Transforming Our Community” Dana Drazenovich, Terri L. Rodriguez, and Anna Mercedes
  • “Practicing Benedictine Values to Create an Inclusive Learning Environment” Jonathan Nash