Becoming Community Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule

Native Studies Series facilitated by Ted Gordon, Corrie Grosse, Melissa Burrell and additional CSB/SJU Students

2) A Discussion of Native and Indigenous Experiences at CSBSJU (student panel)
           Wednesday, November 13th 6:30-8:00pm in Gorecki 204C

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3) Decolonizing Your Classroom
             Tuesday, December 3rd 6:30-8:00pm Gorecki 204A
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Downloading and Internalizing Maps & Meaning (IISS)

Participants will:

*       Explore the origins of conceptual maps and their influence on thinking, imaging, valuing

*         Connect conceptual maps to decisions and actions structuring relations of domination

*       Challenge assumptions, stereotypes, and systems that marginalize people within and between (and across) racial-ethic-cultural groups.

In order for us:

·         To understand how we may come to embrace difference through transformative inclusion practices.

·         To create the emotional context and to experience the basic processes of an intercultural and antiracist dialogue.

·         To understand how we come to receive and internalize the oppressive structures of thinking and understanding.

·         To come to question our received world view and social stereotypes and to see what these stereotypes look like in social interactions.

James A Bowey- When Home won't Let You Stay

Thursday , November 7 - 6PM CSB- Gorecki 204 

"In a penetrating exploration of America's evolvomg atitudes toward refugees, documentary artist James A Bowey has been traveling the United States meeting refugees, listening to their stories, and photographing their portraits.  The photographs are tken on location in a setting of the portrait subject's everyday life.  Along with the portrait, Bowey interviews each person and the first-person story accompanies their photograph. The individuals in this exhibitionshare poignant stories of violence and loss, as well as perserverance and hope; and their images and experiences produce a compelling human portrait of refugees in America."
Sponsored by: Fine Artd Programing, The McCathy Center, IISS, Mellon Grant-Becoming Community, Gender Studies
Level: Beginner and Intemediate.
Audience: Students, staff, faculty, monastice, and community member.

Transforming Your Syllabus for Inclusivity: A Collaborative Workshop

  • Presenters: Jeanne Cofell, Diana Fenton. Allison Spenader, & Madeleine Israelson
  • Monday, December 2nd 4-6PM  Gorecki Pres Dining room, 2nd floor
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Please look for future Becoming Community announcements about these and additional workshop opportunities soon!