Meet Our Student: Lisa Tsang

  1. What is your hometown and major?
    Hong Kong, China. I am a Communication major with art minor.
  2. What led you to get involved in Asian Studies at CSB/SJU?
    Being a part of the Asia community at CSB/SJU, and meeting Joe Rogers, who was the co-coordinator of Asian Studies at the time, introduced me to get involved.
  3. What are some highlights of the Asian Studies program, in your opinion?
    The curriculum provides a strong background in Asian culture, including Asian history, culture, economics and politics that can help students learn right here at CSB/SJU.
  4. What events on campus have you enjoyed relating to Asia?
    I enjoyed the Asian New Year celebration in every spring semester, and the “Festival of Light” celebrating Indian culture. It made me really happy when everyone did their best to show what Asia is, and at the end, everyone would all have fun together.
  5. Why did you decide to study abroad in Japan?
    I am already “studying abroad” in CSB/SJU, but I still want to travel and learn some more other cultures. Japanese culture is something that is similar to Chinese culture – they have common background, like history and art. However, I thought it is actually quite different.
    And I thought Japan is very exciting place, and it is much bigger than Hong Kong. These two years, I had become good friends with students from Japan. So why can’t I go there? Don’t worry… there are still lots of places I want to visit and learn in the world, so that’s only the beginning.