Cindy Gonzalez

Cindy Gonzalez, a graduate of 2014 at the College of Saint Benedict. 
"Asian Studies is an amazing major that can truly open up so many doors post graduation. You will be a lifetime learner and traveler."

Where did you study abroad?

China. I used my Chinese language skills every single day while at Southwest University. I made great friendships and still keep in touch with some of my professors. The excursion portions of the program were such an eye opener. We were able to visit places that otherwise we would not have been able to see such as Lijiang, China. My favorite part of my experience was teaching English at a Sichuan elementary school. The students were so grateful to have us visit them and I was able to fully teach a classroom of thirty children eager to learn English.

At what point did you become interested in Asian Studies? 

When I left home for college I had one goal, learn something completely new. I never knew that would be Chinese. I experimented with other majors but Asian Studies truly gave me a space to challenge my mind and gain so many new experiences. I really enjoyed all of my history classes but also dove into other departments that offered Asian Studies tagged classes such as Theology: Islam.

How are you currently using the skills you gained? 

I am currently a blogger: Sleepy Momma at I blog about being a new mom and my life post a Benedictine education. Asian Studies is my passion. The writing and communication skills that Asian Studies gave me are something I think I will use forever. I am also currently in the process of applying to graduate school, I hope to gain insight about Theology within Asian communities.